How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

How to Plan the Perfect Baby Shower

Baby showers are a joyous occasion, but if you are in charge of planning the event you might be feeling a bit stressed.  Don’t worry!  Just keep reading to learn how to plan a great baby shower that is a hit with the guests and expectant mother.

Editable Giraffe Baby Shower invitations

Choosing a Venue

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best location for the baby shower.  Ask yourself the following questions: 

  • What time of year will it be?
  • How many guests will be invited?
  • How big of a budget do you have to work with? 

After answering those questions, you can begin searching for the best location. Here are some ideas: 

  • Your Home - Great if you need to save money.
  • Your Backyard - Good option if the weather will be nice.
  • Hotel - If you have the money go for it.
  • Restaurant - Another option that requires having a bigger budget.
  • Park - Make sure to find out if you will need a permit.

Giraffe Baby Shower Welcome Sign

Inviting Guests

Send cute, personalized invitations. Announce It! has a wide selection of editable baby shower invitations to choose from. 

Send the invitations about six weeks before the baby shower. This will give guests enough time to clear their calendars, RSVP, and purchase a gift. 

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Feeding Your Guests

Get your menu completed about three weeks before the shower.  When deciding what type of food to serve, keep the following tips in mind: 

  • Make sure the expectant mother will like what you plan to serve.
  • Serve small portions so that guests can more easily participate in activities and socialize while eating.
  • If the shower is scheduled during a mealtime, serve entrees, sides, and dessert.
  • If the party is between meals, serve appetizers and snacks.
  • Save money by making the food yourself, or by asking each guest to bring a dish to share.
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Making it Fun

You don’t want guests to get bored, but you also don’t want to rush them through the event. There needs to be a balance between having activities and allowing guests to mingle.  

Here is a sample schedule: 

  • Let guests arrive and socialize within the first 15-20 minutes.
  • After everyone has arrived, play a game.
  • Next, serve the food.
  • While the guests finish eating, have the expectant mother open her gifts.
  • Finish off the event with some dessert. 

You don’t have to follow this schedule, but it should give you an idea of how to structure the party.

 Giraffe Baby Shower Stickers

Giving Out Favors

Give guests a special gift that will show them your appreciation for their attendance and participation.  

There are tons of different favor ideas, some more expensive than others.  But you really can’t go wrong with customized baby shower stickers

This cute gift idea is sure to delight your guests, not to mention satisfy their craving for chocolate!  

Plus, you can keep your theme consistent by purchasing these thank you cards that match these diy baby shower candy bar wrappers!

 So don’t stress about planning the perfect baby shower. Just enjoy the process and follow the steps given above.  

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