How To Plan A Fun Sweet 16 Party

For most of the girls, having a sweet 16 party falls in next to their future wedding plans. If you are planning to throw the best sweet 16 party, you can ever have without having to stress too much and still having the energy to enjoy your own party, follow this guide:

Step One: Choose the time and date of the party.

You ought to consider holidays that will most likely keep people from coming due to other family obligations. Find out if there is anyone else who is planning an event on that date as well. The weekend before or after your actual birthday will be a consideration.

Step Two: Decide the place to hold the event

This celebration is most likely to be a large event, so you will also need to put in mind the budget. Creativity is the key into finding the right venue for your sweet 16 party. You can make calls to inquire the rates of the locations, but visiting would be a better option so you can visualize your party on the place.

Step Three: Know how many to invite and who should be invited

You should always give this a big consideration on the budget. The other thing to consider is the celebrant’s personality. If she is naturally shy, you won’t have to invite everyone. If she is sociable and outgoing, you will want to invite more than her close friends and relatives.

Step Four: Select a theme

Pick out the theme. This will make the birthday celebration more memorable and fun. Allow your guest to join in and suggest as to what things are appropriate for the party. Themed birthday party favors complete the event.

Step Five: Make the invitation

One you have settled the motif, the venue, the date, and the guests, you are now ready to send out the invitations. You can choose to purchase ready made invites, get customized ones, or make them yourself.

Step Six: Schedule the details

You are now ready to schedule the details and the flow of the party. Plan as to when to dance, eat, and cut the cake, and so on.

Step Seven: Know what foods to serve

This is where your budget will count most. Serve food that is appropriate to your party, like seafood if you opt to have a beach party.

Step Eight: Plan how to honor the celebrant

This is the spiritual part of the celebration where the girl is blessed as she now becomes a lady. A church service may be included or a priest may be involved.

Step Nine: Set time for dancing

It is after all a party, so dancing is most likely to be involved. Make sure to set aside time for partying and dancing. You may have it formal or not, or a mixture of both.

Step Ten: Plan how to close the party

You have to estimate a time to close and end the party; it will also help if you include it in the invitations. You can give your closing remarks and thanks to the guest. Don’t forget to give your guests their Sweet 16 Party Favors.

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