Planning a High School Graduation Party

Planning a High School Graduation Party

High school is over and it is time to celebrate! It is time to celebrate the achievement of completing high school and becoming an adult! Teenagers everywhere look forward to a good graduation party where they can celebrate their freedom from 6am wake up calls and days full of teachers and books. This is the time before they realize how difficult college and the “real world” can be. So it is up to us as parents to give our children at least one more wonderful day of fun!

Where to begin? Your graduation party should really consist of two different parties. One party should be held for family and other adults. A party for your teen’s friends should be at a separate time. No teenager wants a mixed party with his grandparents and best friends where he feels he needs to be on his best behavior when all he wants to do is let loose!

Planning a High School Graduation PartyThe first thing to consider when planning a graduation party is where it will be held. Is your house equipped to hold a lot of people? Do you have a pool or other entertainment for teenagers? Is a rented venue a better option? Do you want to cook or have it catered? Will you hire a DJ? This is a matter of choosing between cost and convenience!

Consider what your graduate will want for his or her party. Ask your graduate! This is a party in his honor and so he should have what he wants within limits of course. Ask him for a list of names and addresses of friends to invite and even special foods and drinks he may want. If there is a particular local band or DJ that he wants then try to hire them if money permits. If not, kids have enough stereo equipment and music to keep the music going themselves!

GraduatesSo tell us all about your graduate? What makes him or her so special? What are you planning for the graduation party? Where will you hold the graduation party? Are you planning anything extra special for your graduate? Are you excited for this milestone or a little sad? We want to hear all about it!

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