Celebrate Love with a Romantic Picnic


Summertime is a beautiful time for being love. The weather is beautiful and the time is perfect for a picnic for two.
If you’re a romantic and madly in love, take some time to share your love with the person who’s stolen your heart. Have a romantic picnic.

Here’s how to plan:
• Prepare food that’s either fresh cooked or cooked one day in advance of your picnic. Don’t take food that’s days old. Given the warm weather, it could sour and make you sick.

• Although totes are popular these days, stay with the romantic tradition of carrying a basket. If you don’t own one, purchase a large one from a craft store. It should be large enough to hold all of your foods.

• Pack all your picnic necessities: corkscrew (for wine), garbage bags, a blanket, and party ware such as napkins, cups, plates, and eating utensils.
An idea: Have you ever considered using red party ware for a romantic picnic? Red is the color for love, and what perfect way to coordinate this romantic event than with solid red party ware?

This romantic idea can become a reality – courtesy of Announce It! Our solid red party ware is available for shipment in as little as one week. We also have other solid colors available.

To make your romantic picnic extra special, take a portable CD player and some classic love songs. Listening to the sweet tunes of love is most enjoyable while snuggling and watching the sunset together.

So treat yourself to a lover’s day with a romantic picnic. Proper preparation and love is all you need to have loving day with your lover.

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