Looking for Info About Doing Smart Budget Wedding

In order to avoid starting married live in debt you should review your income and savings and set a realistic budget because it’s not a secret that weddings can be a massive expense. The following few tips will definitely help you.

1. Mostly, the first step that is taken while planning wedding is making a Guest List. It is obvious that the more guests you invite, the more the costs will escalate. That’s why you should better invite close family members and friends only, and explain to those people who may be disappointed at not receiving an invite that you are just having a small, intimate wedding.

2. The next thing to consider is the Ceremony. You should remember that civil ceremonies are mostly cheaper, but in the case that you request that the registrar comes to a venue you have chosen, they may charge you extra. So if you need to spend less you can use the registrar’s official rooms that are usually well-decorated and perfectly suitable for smaller guest parties of up to 30 guests.

3. It is also necessary to talk about Reception Venue. You should look at local hotels and halls for your reception in order to cut down on traveling costs. If you pick smaller, more intimate venues that will be cheaper to hire out and this also means that you will be able to spend a bit more on decorations and flowers for the room.

4. Now let’s talk about Food. If you have a small wedding party you may want to provide a home cooked buffet with the help of a few friends or relatives as a buffet is the cheapest way to feed everyone.

5. Cake could be considered to be as a very important part of the wedding ceremony. As you probably know, cakes made by professional wedding services can be very expensive, that’s why you can ask your friends and relatives if anyone has any baking skills, and if they might be willing to make the cake for you.

6. In order to buy not very expensive Outfits you should spend some time shopping around and you should find one that suits you. If you are happy buying second hand dresses, you can find some amazing bargains on some online auction sites. Buying wedding dresses from bridal shops can be very expensive, and you may find the cheaper dresses are very plain, and not as pretty as the high street options.

7. Let’s think now about Wedding Transport. You might agree that instead of hiring a car and chauffeur, you should think whether any of your relatives or friends has a really nice car, and ask if you could borrow their services for the day to drive you to the wedding.

8. The last but not least thing that should be considered is Honeymoon planning. There is no doubt that Honeymoons should be special, but you should try not to get yourself into debt by booking a honeymoon you can’t really afford and never book your honeymoon on a credit card. In order to choose where to go you should look around travel agents, holiday websites and newspapers for deals.

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