Summertime Means Party Time in the Backyard

BBQ Party

Schools are closing and some people are starting to take vacation days from work. This means one thing: summer is on the way. Given this, it’s a great time to have a backyard gathering with close family members and friends.

As a host of a backyard gathering, you want every detail of it to be perfect: the food, the decorations, even the weather. While you can’t control the weather, there are some steps you can take with this matter along with other matters to ensure your backyard gathering is the best party on the block.

Here’s what you can do:

Plan your gathering around the weather. While you’d love to have nice weather for your gathering, realistically summer can have rainy days just as much as the other seasons. Thus, it’s advisable that you watch the weather report all week long for planning purposes.

Even if the weather is expected to be nice, shelter your guests from the heat by hosting your party under your covered deck or patio. Even if you don’t have either of these amenities, rent or purchase a party tent. However, if you and your guests love the sun’s heat pounding against your skin, then enjoy your gathering minus any coverage – just be sure to wear sunscreen.

BBQ Party Invitation

Decorate your backyard. You can have a simple or elaborate look for your backyard gathering. You can also decorate with a theme. For instance, you might want a Hawaiian theme.

Have some great outdoor entertainment. It doesn’t matter if you play CDs or hire a deejay; just make sure you give your party guests some good music to dance to. In addition to this, have some games in mind for your younger guests: children. If you have young children, you can get some ideas from their youthful minds on what’s entertaining for kids these days.

Serve great food. Having good food is just as important as having good entertainment. Nobody wants to leave their comfy homes for bad food. So make sure your food is smacking good!

Some suggestions for food are:

  • Anything barbeque
  • Grilled foods
  • Finger foods
  • Side dishes

Even a buffet table works well at outdoor gatherings.

You’ll also want to consider serving custom decorated cookies. These cookies, which are sold at Announce It! are fresh baked and hand decorated by an icing expert. Only natural ingredients are used for these cookies, which are individually wrapped.

Priced at $3.30 each, these custom cookies are guaranteed fresh with a shelf life expanding over six months.

You don’t want your good food and delicious custom cookies spoiled by bugs. So this brings the next suggestion:

Provide protection against bugs.

Yes, besides the heat, the worst part about summer is the bugs. Luckily you can provide protection against these filthy creatures without having your gathering ruined. Place citronella candles, bug zappers – anything that combats bugs – nearby and throughout your partying area. Or if you prefer, place a can of mosquito repellant on each table for your guests to use.

It’s obvious that you can have a great time this summer without hitting the road. Simply turn your backyard into a party spot, invite your favorite people, and let the fun begin!


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