Throwing a Milestone Birthday Party

A milestone birthday is any birthday of significance, whether it is 16, 21, 25 or any number ending in a zero. The most important consideration is the milestone age. A 16 year old will not want the same birthday party as someone turning 80! It is also a good idea to make sure that the birthday boy or girl wants a party. Are they accepting this new age gracefully?

70th Birthday InvitationsA milestone birthday is a time to celebrate. As we age, each birthday becomes seemingly less important. Nothing can rival our birthdays as children. We may not have a party for every birthday, but those milestone birthdays are the time to celebrate!

A milestone birthday party is usually going to be a big event. Friends and family should all be invited to share in such a special occasion. This means that the party should be held in a large space which usually means holding the party in a hall or reception site. This can be costly, but is usually worth it in order to not have to clean up after a party!

Consider doing something special for the birthday boy or girl. Perhaps a slideshow of their life or a collage that showcases the most important events will make a special statement. If you really want everyone to remember such a special occasion, then order party favors to give out. These can be personalized with the name of the birthday boy or girl and a special message!

Remember to handle all of the standard party planning such as food, drink, decorations, and music. A large party will need a caterer or if money is tight then consider a potluck!

Are you planning a milestone birthday party or have you attended one recently? What made it a special occasion? What made it different than other birthday parties? Do you have any advice on planning one of these events? Give us the scoop so that we can all throw parties to remember! Be sure to visit Announce It! for more milestone birthday invitations.

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