Timeline for Planning the Perfect Baby Shower

You want this shower to be one that your loved one will remember forever! Stick to these timeline suggestions to keep your party planning on track and ensure that you have everything you need to throw the perfect baby shower!

6 to 8 weeks before the shower 

  • Talk with your loved one about her expectations of the shower. Does she want women only or a Jack and Jill? Is there a theme she particularly enjoys?
  • Choose a date for the shower and make sure that all important guests will be able to attend.
  • Develop the guest list and get all addresses.
  • Order personalized invitations or purchase invitations and start addressing them. Make sure to buy stamps too.
  • Find out where your loved one has registered for gifts or ask her for items she particularly needs.
  • Choose the shower location and book the venue and caterer if necessary.

4 to 6 weeks before the shower 

  • Mail out the invitations. Include information on where the mother-to-be is registered. Keep a list of everyone that RSVP’s using the Guest List Manager.
  • Research baby shower games and choose which ones to play.
  • Purchase all items for shower games as well as all other shower supplies. Use the supplies checklist to make sure you get all the necessary items.
  • Decide on the menu. Will it be a full lunch, a tea, or just finger foods?
  • Order the cake.
  • Order shower favors that will give guests and the new mother something special to remember the day!

2 to 4 weeks before the shower 

    • Decide on the agenda for the party. This will need to include games, food, gifts, and cake.
    • Start putting together favors.
    • Keep in touch with the mother-to-be and make sure everything is going ok with her.
    • Purchase your gift for the shower. Don’t forget the card and wrapping paper.

 1 week before the shower 

  • Call anyone that has not called to RSVP.
  • Start cleaning if the shower is going to be at your house.
  • Confirm the venue and caterer if necessary.
  • Buy food and drinks for the shower.

The day before the shower 

  • Finish cleaning the house.
  • Pick up the cake or bake one.
  • Prepare any food that can be made ahead of time.
  • Set out any games or decorations that can be put out early.
  • Set out all cutlery, dishes, and platters for food and drinks.
  • Make sure you have all the supplies you need for food, decorations, and games.
  • Purchase fresh flowers.
  • Charge batteries for cameras and video cameras.

The day of the shower


  • Set up the table and finish decorating.
  • Prepare and set out the food and drinks.
  • Finish setting up games.
  • Purchase balloons.
  • Set out favors.
  • Set out a pen and paper near the gift area to record gifts.
  • After the guests arrive, ask a few for some help with recording the gifts and serving the food and drinks.

Have an excellent time!

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