Understanding Marrriage Traditions

Marriage conventions come to us from everywhere around the world ; some customs have been in place for hundreds of years and other customs however are quite new. You may even start your own family wedding traditions. One of the most renowned marriage traditions is still seen in numerous cultures ; that of placing a tiara upon the head of the bride, something that dates back many centuries. However , the tiara or bridal diadem has turned into a symbol of femininity for a bride as down through the ages the wedding tiara became a half moon shaped band, which displays such finery as ribbons, flowers or precious stones. If the marriage is truly traditional then the bridesmaids will also wear tiaras on their heads even though smaller and less well adorned examples than that worn by the bride. A lot of wedding dresses will feature a tiara and there isn’t any doubt a wedding dress without one does not have really the same impact ; many brides will treasure their tiara for the rest of their lives. Frequently the bride’s attendants like bridesmaids, flower girls and bridesmaid-in-chief are presented with rings formed like small tiaras which can potentially make actually attractive marriage favors for those involved directly in the wedding.

At one time in the past it was kind of standard for the recently married couple to be taken to their honeymoon location by all of the folks attending the wedding. It was then the party’s task to try and take the garter from the bride’s leg as the prize would be for this person to then wear it like a band around their hat or alternatively to a woman for whose attentions they were after. Over a time period it became ordinary for the men of the wedding party to unclothe the bride to get to the garter so to stop this, brides discovered that with this wedding custom it was better to take the garter off and throw it to the men once the wedding rite was over.

In ancient times things like marriage linens were family owned and the entire family would bring their tablecloths and chair covers to help decorate the reception tables. They might also do things such as make wedding centerpieces and napkin rings. Naturally today many of these items are acquired and put on the tables by the wedding location workers.

The fortunate man to catch the garter would be considered to be as the subsequent person to marry but once again drunken behavior signaled many men to try and take the garter before the bride was ready to throw it too them. In an effort to maintain good taste at a dignified occasion the bride then started throwing her bouquet instead. But while it does not have the same significance that it once did, tossing the garter to male members of the marriage has returned and many girls feel very strongly about wearing the garter once again.

One reason on why the garter belt of many brides can be found in the color of blue, or having blue as one of the colors in the wedding garter, is for conventional good luck, though on occasion a bride may select a small ribbon to be attached to the hem of her wedding gown. Sometimes the groom will now take away the garter and fling it to the men of the wedding party or toss it over his shoulder so it cannot be targeted at any person particularly. While the meaning for this act has not changed over time ; the individual to take hold of the thrown garter will marry within 12 months, it’s questionable many guests really know this.


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