Unique Wedding Favors – Don't Forget Favors Can Have A Very Big Affect!

Customarily, wedding favors have been a part of bridal showers and weddings for hundreds and hundreds of years. Only a century ago, the success or failure of a wedding was appraised by the gift given the guests that attended. There is even an old wives tale which states: if your guests are not happy with your favor, you won’t be happy with your wedding no matter which location you choose.

This little item can quickly turn into an afterthought for many that are planning their wedding. After all, it’s the final thing to be considered and no one really sees them or cares about them. Again, this is mistaken and you will soon learn what a traditional and wonderful part of every wedding this small touch truly is. It even means more if you coordinate the location of your wedding with the theme all through your wedding, including the wedding favors.

If you’ve ever been in the middle of preparing a wedding you know as good as I do that it can be a harrowing experience. Many times couples get very close to calling it off because of their stress level and the anxiety of those around them. So with all of that going on, who has time to think of that tiny item that nobody cares about anyway; the wedding favor? And even more, who has time when you are deciding whether to have a destination wedding, a wedding in your hometown and if that’s the case, what banquet hall do you choose? Brides and grooms need help with wedding locations.

So, when couples protest that they don’t have time for their favor, I ask them, “What is the primary thing you see when you go to a wedding and sit down at your reception table?” Ultimately, they reply, “The wedding favor!” I rest my case.

Okay, now that I have your attention, how do you manage to get an incredible gift to give your guests and still handle the ‘more important’ tasks that need to be accomplished? It really is very easy. While you are looking for your gown, reception venue, flowers, etc. keep a sharp eye out for something wonderful and unique that you could use for your favor. When you find it, do not get it! Look online for the same item or an item that is comparable. You will literally save hundreds of dollars!

That being said, everyone comprehends that with so many pressing ‘more important’ items on your agenda to tend to, that the favor is at the bottom of your list. And of course, who wouldn’t have the same opinion that your ceremony, where to have your reception and what kind of wedding you will have is much more important. But don’t allow frustration and stress to cause you to overlook the one item that your guests are taking home with them. And as you are investigating where to have your wedding, keep in mind that the best thing to do is to coordinate your location with your wedding favors.

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