Valentine’s Day – A Romantic Overview

Valentine’s Day is celebrated by loving couples. During the holiday, much of the media surrounding Valentine’s Day is focused on couples in love. However, Valentine’s Day can be celebrated by people who are single and by families. The celebration does not need to be limited to hand-holding couples.

Many single adults take February 14th as a day to pamper themselves. One woman describes her Valentine’s Day evening as taking time to relax in a bubble bath and reading a favorite book while enjoying a glass of wine. The single adult may want to treat themselves to a day at the spa or recreate a spa day at home with their favorite facial treatments and aromatherapy candles.

Some people like to watch their favorite romantic comedies on this romantic holiday, whether they are in a relationship or single. Two traditional favorite romantic movies for Valentine’s Day are “When Harry Met Sally…” and “Pride and Prejudice,” based on the novel by Jane Austen. There are many favorite romantic comedies like “You’ve Got Mail,” “Wuthering Heights,” and “Stranger Than Fiction.” Most people have several romance movies in their movie collections. Often, popular romance movies are on television for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day Candy Bar Wrappers

Families can have fun making Valentine’s Day crafts. Children can help decorate cupcakes with candy hearts. Another option for this extra special day is cupcakes, decorate them with little red candies.  Apply the candy to form X’s and O’s for kisses and hugs. Instructions for several kid-friendly crafts can be found on the Internet.

Instead of buying packs of Valentine’s Day cards for classmates, parents may want to help the children make their own valentines. Scrapbooking papers, stickers, and stamps can be used to make cards, bookmarks, or envelopes for candy hearts for Valentine’s Day. Strips of sugar dots candy can be cut into hearts. The paper backing for the candy can be glued to a heart-shaped piece of red or pink construction paper for a finishing touch.

A family can start the day together with a Valentine’s Day themed breakfast of heart-shaped pancakes and berries. Hearts can be used to decorate many foods. Some people like to clip the tags on tea bags to heart shapes for Valentine’s Day. Parents may want to help the children decorate the home in hearts and lace for the holiday.

Even though Valentine’s Day is considered largely a commercial holiday focused on gift giving among couples, single people and families can enjoy the holiday in their own way. A single adult doesn’t have to allow the holiday to make them feel depressed or lonely. The single adult or family can create their own traditions for celebrating Valentine’s Day. The holiday can be a special day for everyone. For Valentine’s Day gift giving ideas, visit Announce It! for personalized candy bar wrappers.

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