Great Ways To Have A Theme For Your Wedding Ceremony And Reception

Getting married is a momentous occasion where an unbelievable amount of planning is needed. The majority of couples require a minimum of 1 year to plan and organize all of the logistics that are involved in pulling off their dream wedding. Today, many couples hire a wedding planner or a consultant to assist them with the several details of hiring various vendors, ordering unique wedding favors, helping with the wedding toast and tying it all together. Most wedding consultants start with asking the couple what type of theme they want to have and promote for their wedding. Typically, the theme may be related to the time of year such as a Winter Wonderland theme or the location such as a wine theme that takes place in a vineyard. This article will explore some of the themes that may be used for a wedding and suggestions for them.

A lot of brides say their favorite season is Christmas and that they want to be married during this winter holiday season. A wonderful benefit to this is that many churches and reception locations are already spruced up for Christmas with evergreen trees, poinsettias and other things so you would not have to spend much money on decorations. A nice idea for the wedding cake would be to have the tiers be wrapped presents with fresh evergreen sprigs surrounding it. Also, bridesmaids and the bride could have some kind of faux muff or shrug with their dresses to fit the theme.

Mountain Wedding InvitationThemeAnother theme idea would be a nature focused one that is set in the outdoors or near the mountains. This outdoor ceremony would center on the natural beauty with a gorgeous mountain views to have your ceremony places such as great resorts located in Jackson Hole, (WY), Vail, (CO) or Lake Tahoe, (CA). This theme would be more relaxed in dress with the bride maybe wearing a short sundress and the groom wearing khakis or shorts with a casual shirt. Hand gathered wildflowers would be the best flowers to be used and an organic vegetarian inspired menu to be served would be perfect. End the service by planting a tree in the spot you got married and plan to return to plant more on your anniversaries.

For Renaissance fair or period lovers, a medieval wedding theme is quite festive. Go to a renaissance festival in your area for vendors that have medieval clothing that would be ideal for your wedding. The majority of couples that get married with this theme dress in the royal style of the medieval times. Serve food such as turkey, venison or mutton and use wooden plates for authenticity and if you can get a castle styled building which would be perfect for this theme. All of these ideas will make you feel like Romeo and Juliet on their wedding day.

If you do not want to do an over the top theme, then just tie in the season and the colors of that season such as reds, oranges and yellow for an autumn wedding or bright pinks, and blues for a summer one.

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