Wedding Invitations

A wedding is such a treasured event. After all, it only happens once in a lifetime and is the most spectacular day of your life. It’s also one of the busiest days, with many busy days leading up to it. With so much to do, anywhere you can find an easy outlet, you need to take it. After all there is the wedding dress to worry about, the bride’s maids’ dresses, the tuxedos, the decorations, the flowers, the cake, the church, the reception hall, the reception itself, the honeymoon plans, the rehearsal, the rehearsal dinner, the gifts for those in your wedding and who helped out, the flower girl, the ring bearer, and oh geez, what else?

The invitations! Although just one more items on your to-do list, this task can be the most easy to do on your list.

Wedding – Invitations Made Easy and Personal

Think about it. If your guest list is large, do you really want to spend all of that time addressing all of those by hand? It’s not just the invitations; it’s also the response envelopes. You have to self address those. Plus both the invitation itself and the smaller envelope inside for the response all have to have stamps. That can get quite pricy, my friend.

Instead, create your own invitations online and make them as personal as you wish. Through the use of over 60 multi media tools, you can do so much to create a personalized, inviting web page with the details of your big day. It’s also extremely easy to do. You don’t need any technical experience at all.

Create a wedding invitation page that is so breathtaking your guests will be jealous. Make it ooze of romance! Add video of you and your fiancé; have your song playing in the background, place pictures of you and your soon-to-be spouse all over the page outlined with hearts and wedding bells.

Splash the page with your wedding colors. Post sweet nothings and little tidbits about how you met, your first date, and how he proposed. The personalization possibilities are endless. You can even post your gift wish list here and/or advise everyone where you are registered.

Wedding – Invitations That Last a Lifetime

Once your wedding page is ready, you invite your guests through electronic means via email that contains a link. They click the link and come to your wedding invitation page. They see the details or your wedding as well as seeing themselves on your guest list and see who has responded or not in regard to attendance.

You can also add pictures of your guests to go beside their names on the list and your guest can communicate with each other, network, and post replies to you. This will make it an even more personal experience for all.

What about when the wedding is over? Just change up the page to pictures of the wedding, add videos of the wedding, funny things at the reception, and post a “wedding dinner gossip” section. Keep your guest communicating and networking on your page and add fresh videos, pictures, music, and anything else you’d like.

And guess what else? It’s free. Just go to the Events Listed website and make a dreamy wedding invitation web page and then have a blast changing it out as you move through the stages of the wedding and being married.

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