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Wedding Night


There is a fine line between love and hate, and alcohol is one of them. I don’t mean the addicted version where at 2pm of everyday all you can think about is when you going to have your next drink, although that can be a problem, but I am talking on your wedding night. Remember it’s your wedding night and a slight reference to high school proms might come into tuition; all the boys get together and plan where they are taking their dates and the girls are all nervous about where they are going, it’s kind of like that! We can be adults about this and know what we are talking about, physically temptations on the night of your wedding.

We’ve seen it all, groomsmen taking shots with the groom right before the ceremony with the continuous destruction into the reception and eventually gradually stumbling back to the hotel or the newlyweds residence smelling like a bum off the streets. Let’s not take the bridesmaids and the bride too lightly. The continuous sounds of wine glasses “clinking” requesting for the couples to kiss with the follow up drink can play a toll as the night goes on. Don’t forget doing your rounds around guests’ tables and friends and families poring shots down your throat. The point is that trying to stay away from getting drunk to a point that pulling out the breathalyzer is humorous can be a problem at the end of the night when trying to get intimate.

If anything try to take advantage of all the perks that are provide for you, especially if you are having your wedding reception at a hotel. Most hotels will provide newlyweds a hotel suite to enjoy the night of your wedding. In fact most hotels go the distance to provide for you a nice bottle of champagne, oysters, strawberries, chocolates and some additional snacks for the late night munchies and to set the romantic mood. How nice would it be to get back to your hotel to be able to enjoy each other’s company and have decadent delights as you sip on your champagne? This does get to be a bit tough when both bride and groom come stumbling back to the hotel as they knock over the food and beverages.

The key is to avoid drinking alcohol, now it doesn’t have to be all together but we all know our limit. Try carrying around tonic water or spritzers. The one that works really well is apple cider; it looks like champagne and it tastes good. One trick that I thought was really funny is to have the bride or groom make the initiation to drink first. The idea behind this is to show that you guys are willing to drink and they won’t bug you so much to drink more. The key here is to have shots of water that you have already prepared or a beverage that fits the color of liquor that matches with what everyone else is drinking. Trust me by the end of the night no one will know that you were drinking water instead of vodka. Everyone wins!

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