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Table Centre Pieces: Practical Wedding Planning Help


You want the right table decorations for your wedding reception. After all, they should be an eye catching feature. So much so that many guests long to take them home. In fact, it’s popular to organize a game or activity; the prize being that someone at each table wins the table centerpiece.

But what should you choose for your table decorations? Here are some suggestions to get you thinking. Always remember that your decorations should tie in with your wedding theme.

1 beautiful flowers – as simple or as ornate as you like.

2 floating candles. When lit the candles reflect beautifully in the water. Flower shpaed candles in pastel colors would work beautifully for a spring wedding. Faux rose petals could be scattered on the table. Or how about candles in the shape of butterflies?

3 pink – Bright pink flowers. The color theme can be carried on to the vase using pink cellophane. This has real impact set against a white table cloth.

4 for a combined placecard and favor place some ‘love heart’ sweets in a miniature cardboard box ( a pastel color is probably best) lined wth tisue and tie with thin ribbon. An added bonus is that this helps keep the overall appearance of the table very tidy.

5 Red – what is more romantic than red roses. Some red roses in silver vase or pot would be beautiful. The red theme could be continued by having your choice of favors wrapped in a red material, cellophane for example.

6 fishbowl – with a floral garland around the outside of the base and a lit candle inside. Having some protection for a lit flame is always a good idea especillay for outdoor weddings.

7 diamond – silver plated candle sticks with a tea light holder on top that looks, from the side as if it’s a diamond. You could continue the theme with silver plated ring napkin rings and have crystal diamond paperweights as favors .

8 butterfly – you could have butterfly shaped floating candles and /or a Phalaenopsis orchid also known as the butterfly orchid because its lovely, velevety petals resemble the wings of a butterfly. To carry on the theme the napkin holders could be butterfly shaped.

9 white on white – the head and some green foliage of a white rose are placed in the bottom half on an hourglass shaped glass cylinder. A pillar candle is placed in the top half. Simply stunning.
Another wedding planning task is to decide on the person you want to act as the master of ceremonies for your wedding reception.

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