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Shipping in Warm Weather

During warm weather (65 degrees or higher), it will be necessary to ship all chocolate orders in an insulated cooler with ice packs if your region has temperatures above 65 degrees.

We also reserve the right to add an insulated cooler to your invoice and charge you if you neglect to do so, or if our temperatures are over 65 degrees also. You will be charged a fee of $8.50 for the insulated container and ice pack.

We are not responsible for chocolate bars that melt due to being shipped in heat. Please make sure that your order is shipped to a location where they will be received by someone and not left outside in the heat. They will melt! If you are in a very hot region, FL, AZ, TX, CA etc. and it is summer, we strongly suggest express mail service to ensure you do not receive a puddle of chocolate.

You may also purchase wrappers only to avoid any heat related issues.